Serving the people of Eastbourne, Arlington, East Dean & Friston, Dicker, Hailsham, Herstmonceux, Hankham, Stone Cross, Pevensey Bay, Polegate, Westham
      and surrounding areas

      Registered Charity: 1164643

    • Responder Equipment


      One complete Standard Responder kit costs approximately £2,000 and each Responder ideally needs to have their own. The kit comprises of the following equipment:-

      1 x Semi Automatic External Defibrillator and spare pads.
      1 x Standard Responder Bag kitted.
      1 x Oxygen cylinder and various types of oxygen masks for adults and children.
      2 x Pocket resuscitation masks.
      1 x Metronome for ensuring accurate chest compressions.
      1 x Hand suction unit.
      Dressing packs which includes bandages,  olsters for nose bleeds, triangular bandages, gauze swabs, saline for wound cleaning, cold packs, thermal blankets etc.
      Assorted sizes of 
      Oropharyngeal Airways.
      Burns dressings.
      Medications for treating Asthma, Heart Attack and Diabetes.
      Other accessories – Paperwork, Gloves, Blanket, Torch, Area Maps etc.
      Mobile Phone.
      Lightweight Fluorescent Jacket.
      Vehicle signs.

       and this requires them to carry additional equipment.

      We have sourced a new bag to complement the current one to carry the additional equipment.


      The group has also purchased each Responder a full set of Observation kits comprising -

      Pulse Oximeter
      Non contact Thermometer
      Blood Pressure Cuff

      As more members join our Team, we need to kit each one out to allow them to respond effectively and provide a good level of service to the Community we cover. We also need to maintain our equipment due to wear and tear, buy new defibrillator batteries etc and replace some items.

      We are keen to find companies, groups and individuals who would be willing to sponsor the purchase of a full kit. In return that responder’s kit could be badged up with the details of the sponsor. We also need donations however large or small to help in our on-going commitment to our community.

      Your donation, no matter how small is really appreciated and vital to the continued success of our Team. We can only do the things we do through people like you.

      If you can help please email our Treasurer by clicking this link or to donate please click on this link -  Give and you Live.