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      Registered Charity: 1164643

    • 24/7 Service

    • You only really get the full meaning of 24/7 when you get called out in the middle of the night and get to experience the fantastic service our Ambulance service provide. 24/7 means what it says – every hour of every day there are medically trained personal out there to serve you in a medical emergency.

      Responders are volunteers and are a part of the 999 Ambulance service. Each Responder voluntarily books on “call” at times to suit their life commitments.

      Each one of the Responders tries to be on call overnight once a month, and  last night – overnight 2/3rd  January was a case in point to illustrate what goes on in our world of Responding.

      For confidentiality reasons we will not use her real name, let’s call her Tracy. There is a good mix of male and female Responders in the Eastbourne team as well as sizes and ages.

      It all started for Tracy at 9:30 in the evening on 2nd January with a call to a patient struggling to breathe.  An hour later it’s a call to another breathing difficulty, this time its asthma related.

      Next it’s 00:55 the morning of 3rd January and the call is to another instance of breathing difficulties and pain all over the body.

      Then at 10 past 2 the 999 centre called Tracy and asked her to attend another incident. On arrival it seems the “lifeline” was triggered accidentally. This information was sent back to the control desk. Tracy very professionally takes the observations we are trained to take. These are all within the normal range and this is reported back.  In the circumstances the service stands down as the patient is just fine.

      That’s 4 jobs in 5 hours. That’s exceptional, even for full time hardened crews.

      This is a good example of how Responders can make a difference, day and night. There are other instances in this news section of other busy times.

      If, dear reader, you live or work in Eastbourne or the surrounding area and feel you would like to be involved in the group and have a little time you could give back to the community, please call us. We are looking for people to help at events so that responders stay mobilised in order to keep up the good work. Email us at recruit@eastbourneresponders.com.